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for the convenience of users to mention cars, our company agents to carry out car door-to-door delivery service.
the above price of vehicles, models, such as configuration and the color difference, please in order to prevail.
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解放大型洗扫车 9方水箱/7方尘箱
Chassis :CA1160P62K1L2A1E5Z
江铃中型洗扫车 4方水箱/4方尘箱
Chassis :JX1083TK25
东风上户扫路车 2.5方水箱/4.5方尘箱
Chassis :EQ1070SJ3BDF
东风大型洗扫车 9方水箱/7方尘箱
Chassis :DFH1180BX1V
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