Suizhou Liyuan Trading Co., Ltd. based in China have special car - Suizhou.

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Suizhou Liyuan Trading Co., Ltd
Phone:+086 15997916929 Mr. Zhou
Fax:+086 0722-3309665

Suizhou City Liyuan auto trade limited company, mainly engaged in the truck series, coach car series, Van series, Van series, warehouse gate car series over 10 varieties, hundreds of models. The company is committed to the pursuit of security, environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving, automation technology research and application, the emphasis on product aesthetics, economy and functionality, all through the ISO9001 quality certification and CCC certification, all products are national hair changes appoint the announcement list。

Telephone negotiations: contact by phone or visit negotiate models, product price;
Contract: sign contract of purchase and sale; prepaid contract deposit;
Arrange the production according to the contract stipulation: vehicle model extraction chassis, arrange production;
Delivery and acceptance: vehicle delivery acceptance, payment vehicle balance;
Signature confirmation: the need to send a car list stamped and signed, confirming receipt of vehicle intact, complete procedures ( restricted to generation delivery vehicle ).
If your confirmation of our products, in virtue of your bank began to enter service after sale production process.

After sale service:
Our commitment, our products in 1 years or thirty thousand kilometers in the exclusion of human factors case of quality problems, according to normal process implementation of products Three Guarantees services!
Company name: Suizhou City Liyuan auto trade limited company
Legal representative: Li Guoliang
Sales Hotline: +086 15997916929
The Department Manager of week people: br > Company fax: 0722-3306055
To address : Suizhou City, Lieshan Pearl Plaza North Avenue ( Suizhou passenger car factory)

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